Theophile Church in Christ, Inc.
Invites the families this year to our Virtual Vacation Bible School Program.
E S C A P E 

Theophile's Summer Virtual Vacation Bible School.

Dear parents

This year has been extremely hard for our youngsters. The uncertainty created by the COVID- 19 pandemic could feel like a tremendous challenge. Our children are filled with fear, sadness, and confusion. We do not want them to feel completely lost and misplaced. Subsequently, we have decided to put together a virtual VBS with a message of hope in Christ, a sense of God’s amazing love, and His protection for them.
Each day we will have worship, activities, a Bible lesson, Google Meet virtual groups, and a fun (yet simple) at-home craft to reinforce the daily lesson.

Preschool will meet at  and elementary will meet at  (more information about the format will be emailed to you).
Register today via the link below

The Bible lessons will focus on the earthly stories Jesus Christ used to teach biblical truths with a clear gospel application. The children will also learn Bible verses each day.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your children’s life in a time such as this.